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Writer, Reader and Starbucks drinker! Attending college to be a writer/English major. Love realistic fiction and romance novels. Theater actress and makeup artist. Gilmore Girls and Dance Moms fan.Team Peeta/Jacob/ Gryffindor!


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After spending a couple days in Grand Rapids, and coming home I have been feeling very weird. Not a bad kinda weird just a little sad, sad about leaving a place I’ve lived so long. Lately I’ve been making a list of everything I need to do before I move. What once was a list of things that I needed to do now has turned into a list of things I wanna do. Small town things that you can only do in BC. There’s always nothing to do until you wanna leave and then you try and do everything at once. in a town that’s main entertainment is a zoo and a bowling alley, that’s just sad. It’s kinda like saying goodbye. Although I am excited to leave and start this new life, I can’t help but look back and feel a little sad about what I’m leaving behind. Now I have to wonder if everyone feels the same way when leaving or just me.



How do I trick my brain into letting me read school books that fast?

Seriously though this is my biggest struggle right now.

TOP 10 BOY MEETS WORLD SHIPS (as voted by my followers):

►08. Topanga Lawrence and Shawn Hunter

"You’re not just my boyfriend’s friend, you’re my friend too."


NOTW inspiration submitted by donnernails

omg love these for next fall 


NOTW inspiration submitted by donnernails

omg love these for next fall 



The last picture is the face of fear.

no that last picture is him wondering if he had a kid without knowing it

Lmao at this


This is actually a fantastic part of the movie because Pixar is giving the viewers a gentle reminder of what real life is like. Accidents happen, even to good people, and you can’t make it a tragedy if you have to dip into your savings to repair the damage. You just have to keep moving forward, work hard, and hope for the best.